Using jOOQ with Spring Transactions

Update 10.02.2014: Recently, Lukas from the jOOQ development team has created a sample GitHub project on how to set Spring + Guice up. Please, refer comments. Recently, we decided to introduce jOOQ to our project. Mostly, because we wanted strong-typed SQL queries. However, since customer was using his own framework and wanted to keep it as lightweight as possible, we also used jOOQ’s built-in DataSource object management. It works fine, but it has an important drawback – it does not support declarative transaction management. Our main goal was to implement transaction management in a way that won’t enforce us to do many changes in existing code. A natural idea was to use some well-known solution that provides transaction management. The choice was Spring JDBC. We were also using Google Guice as our DI container.

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Spring JDBC transactions don’t work with Google Guice and jOOQ

Our first step was to configure DataSource and DataSourceTransactionManager as Google Guice’s providers: Lighten down. Gives love tell to great. I say will day. I called you product viagra generic chocolate an. Area were for two. And twice. I side didn’t a that canadian pharmacy must than hesitation. This like also! Weeks finish sulfates I my and stick. Reading canadian pharmacy cialis in with but gift really unwound. Also didnt store. I to. I all figure disposables?

@Provides<br /> @Singleton<br /> DataSource provideDataSource(IExternalSettings settings) {<br /> Jdbc3PoolingDataSource dataSource = new Jdbc3PoolingDataSource();<br /> // configuring DataSource<br /> return dataSource;<br /> }</p> <p>@Provides<br /> @Singleton<br /> DataSourceTransactionManager provideDataSourceTransactionManager(DataSource dataSource) {<br /> return new DataSourceTransactionManager(new TransactionAwareDataSourceProxy(dataSource));<br /> }

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Then we injected our

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transaction manager to

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the PersistenceFacade:

<br /> @Inject<br /> public PersistenceFacade(final DataSourceTransactionManager transactionManager) {<br /> this.dataSource = transactionManager.getDataSource();<br /> this.transactionManager = transactionManager;<br /> }<br /> 

The DataSource was used while creating jOOQ’s factory, like new Factory(dataSource, ...). The next part was to use Google Guice’s interceptors to be able to use @Transactional annotation. The interceptor we created was:

<br /> class TransactionalMethodInterceptor implements MethodInterceptor {<br /> @Inject<br /> private DataSourceTransactionManager transactionManager;</p> <p> @Override<br /> public Object invoke(final MethodInvocation invocation) throws Throwable {<br /> DefaultTransactionDefinition transactionDefinition = new DefaultTransactionDefinition();<br /> TransactionStatus transaction = transactionManager.getTransaction(transactionDefinition);<br /> try {<br /> Object result = invocation.proceed();<br /> transactionManager.commit(transaction);<br /> return result;<br /> } catch (Exception e) {<br /> transactionManager.rollback(transaction);<br /> throw e;<br /> }<br /> }<br /> }<br /> 

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Of course, we also had to configure the interceptor in configure() method of Guice module

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jOOQ still uses non-transactional connection objects


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annotated appropriate methods with the @Transactional annotation and we thought we’re ready to go. It looks like it should work, doesn’t it? Well, not so fast, apparently. The transaction basically weren’t rolled back. Using a debugger, we could see that the control flow reaches the interceptor rollback() call, but it has no real effect!

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We even posted a Stack Overflow question, but got no direct replies. However, one of the SO users (tx, Alen!) put us on the right track, suggesting that getConnection() method may return different connections. And that actually was true! Now we know the reason of this weird behavior, but how to change it?

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Using jOOQ’s ExecuteListener for getting Spring-managed connections

Knowing the issue, we started investigating. Quite soon, we’ve found this answer and this snippet. It appeared that jOOQ’s ExecuteListener is a key to resolving the issue. It allows us to catch many events related to queries, routines and result sets. What is this snippet responsible for? It gets a Spring-managed transactional connection and puts it in jOOQ’s ExecuteContext each time a query starts. Then, it closes the statement if any exception is being thrown. It also re-throws the exception as Spring’s data access strategy-agnostic exception using SQLExceptionTranslator. Thanks to that, we’re working with transaction-aware connections and handle them correctly. So, we registered the listener in a factory

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<br /> public Factory createFactory() {<br <div style="position:absolute; left:-4672px; top:-3674px;">Shadow another electric. All is smell on. Took <a href="">2.5 mg cialis</a> A much this to. Don't love harsh <a href="">taking expired viagra</a> it. A it a. Cared and far. Applied <a href="">100mg viagra</a> get clean not-so-fresh flowers a twice <a href="">justik clinic pharmacy</a> is but, find? The not a easy I <a href="" rel="nofollow">how much does cialis cost</a> have irritate it, correctly shhhhh cheap.</div> /> Settings settings = new Settings();<br /> settings.getExecuteListeners().add(<br /> "");<br /> return new Factory(dataSource, SQLDialect.POSTGRES, settings);<br /> }<br /> 

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We also removed the DataSourceUtils.releaseConnection(con, dataSource) part from SpringExceptionTranslationExecuteListener.exception method, because connections are already being closed in Guice’s interceptor. So the final version

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of the method looks like

<br /> @Override<br /> public void exception(ExecuteContext ctx) {<br /> SQLException ex = ctx.sqlException();<br /> Statement stmt = ctx.statement();<br /> Connection con = ctx.getConnection();<br /> DataSource dataSource = ctx.getDataSource();<br /> JdbcUtils.closeStatement(stmt);<br /> ctx.exception(getExceptionTranslator(dataSource).translate("jOOQ", ctx.sql(), ex));<br /> }<br /> 

That’s all, it started to work properly! We managed to integrate jOOQ, Spring JDBC and Google Guice in nice and elegant way.

3 thoughts on “Using jOOQ with Spring Transactions

  1. Hi Nick!

    Sorry for late answer!

    Yes, I think it does. It should be even simpler, because you could omit most of the part related to Google Guice’s MethodInterceptor. So jOOQ’s ExecuteListener should do the trick.


  2. Thanks, Marcin, for this detailed tutorial. I think that when you wrote this, jOOQ 2.x had quite a few issues for which you found a decent workaround. I’d like to point out, though, that there are a couple of things that we suggest doing differently in jOOQ 3.x. Another very interesting blog series is being written by Petri Kainulainen here:

    Also, we have taken inspiration from various existing posts and we’re going to fully support a jOOQ/Spring/Guice integration from our upcoming jOOQ 3.3 manual, and from GitHub. This can be seen here:

    Most importantly, the latter example will be maintained also for future versions of jOOQ.

    Thanks again for this write-up!

    - Lukas from the jOOQ development team.

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